Future ideas

There are a few directions I want this blog to go in, mainly in order for me to keep it updated more often. I try to put things that really strike a chord in me – music, art, photography or a provoking thought.

First, let me brag a little with some links:

1. My >> Twitch << account where you can see me play (stream) video games live

2. My >> YouTube << channel where I upload already recorded videos from the Twitch account

3. My >> Tumblr << that I currently kinda use as a portfolio

I want to keep track of the things I consume.


I want to post music I listen to more often – of course I have my playlists and YouTube favourites, but there are songs that just speak to me on the day I listen to them and I don’t need to turn back to them or quite the opposite – I listen to a song that doesn’t matter much, but it keeps haunting me in my mind months later or I start hearing it everywhere I go.

I want to keep track of the movies I watch and give my two cents about them. I am a movie maniac, so I probably won’t write about every single movie that I see, but there are some that deserve more attention than they get.

Books. I was an avid reader almost my whole life up to a point when I decided that this is a waste of time, this doesn’t contribute to my growth anymore and only keeps me in a dreamworld. But, I have been craving to return to this magical land once again, because I believe that as an artist I need to constantly absorb new information in order to push myself forward in my niche. Also, I always wanted to be that person who has read most of the classics, so I am going to start with BBC Top 100 eBooks package that I own.

The other thing that I am still unsure whether to share or not is my adventure in my relationship and sexuality, because I love reading other people’s experiences about open relationships, D/s (dominance/submission) play, bisexuality and other things that are on my mind lately. Maybe I can make someone else’s world a little brighter with writing about this, too.

Tell me what you think, if anyone reads this at all :]



Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

I am such a fan of this game as it is the first game I started playing madly in the recent years after a huge gaming pause. I bought it as a present to my boyfriend and since at the time I wasn’t working I had a level 80 character before he even started playing it. So, this awesome and very quirky MMO is getting an expansion soon which I hope is going to be some good end-game content. I’m not going to go over it in detail, I’m just sharing as it is something I am pretty excited about.

This is definitely a game that I recommend buying and if you follow it for some time you might get a 50% off of it. You buy the game once with no additional payments or monthly fees.

The best of the game in my opinion is its art, so check it out:

>>> GW2 Concept Art <<<

So, if you are a fan, drop me a message and maybe we could play together :}

Yellow Flicker Beat (Music Pause)

Lorde’s music sounds so powerful that it makes my heart skip a beat. I hope it gives you the same chills.

This song makes me want to go even harder at my passions and follow that flickering light ahead to a mysterious future. Sometimes just putting one foot in front of the other is enough. Sometimes going as hard as you can isn’t enough, but I want to believe that persistence will make everything alright and will make the naysayers quiet as a bramble.

Gumroad Profiles

Okay, as you know I have my own humble >> Gumroad profile <<

As far as I have understood the site it serves as a store-front for creators, so there are no browsing functions.

This is why I made my own list of artist profiles that provide art tutorials. I am sharing it here in case anyone finds something useful for themselves and so that I can have a safe archive for future reference.

Yes, I am serious about the art things, as you can see…


Jonas De Ro: https://gumroad.com/jonasdero
Darek Zabrocki: https://gumroad.com/darekzabrocki
Anthony Jones: https://gumroad.com/robotpencil
Dan Luvisi: https://gumroad.com/danluvisiart
Maciej Kuciara: https://gumroad.com/maciejkuciara
Eytan Zana: https://gumroad.com/eytanzana
Espen Olsen Sætervik: https://gumroad.com/espenartman
Alex Negrea: https://gumroad.com/alexnegrea
Ben Mauro: https://gumroad.com/benmaurodesign
David Levy: https://gumroad.com/vyle
James Zapata: https://gumroad.com/jameszapata
Alex Ruiz: https://gumroad.com/alexruizart
Jan Urschel: https://gumroad.com/janurschel
Dominic Qwek: https://gumroad.com/dominicqwek
Joe Peterson: https://gumroad.com/joepetersondesign
Kirili Chepizhko: https://gumroad.com/kirillchepizhko
Neil Blevins: https://gumroad.com/soulburn3d
Kalen Chock: https://gumroad.com/k04sk
John Park: https://gumroad.com/jparked
Ryan Hawkins: https://gumroad.com/ryanhawkins
James Paick: https://gumroad.com/jamespaick
Victor Mosquera: https://gumroad.com/victormosquera
Bryan Wynia: https://gumroad.com/bryanwynia
Nick Gindraux: https://gumroad.com/ngindraux
David Lesperance: https://gumroad.com/metalman123456123
Jason Scheier: https://gumroad.com/jscheier
Eric Ryan: https://gumroad.com/ericryan
Maxim Verehin: https://gumroad.com/verehin
John Sweeney: https://gumroad.com/sweeney1987
Richard Lyons: https://gumroad.com/rlyons
Chino-Rino Visual Lab (Eduardo Pena): https://gumroad.com/chinorinovislab
Rafael Grassetti: https://gumroad.com/grassetti
Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying: https://gumroad.com/l/Gfdb#
Dave Rapoza: https://gumroad.com/daverapoza
Mark Molnar: https://gumroad.com/markmolnar
Michal Kus: https://gumroad.com/michalkus
Jama Jurabaev: https://gumroad.com/jamajurabaev
Oleg Vdovenko: https://gumroad.com/chuvabak
Tyler Edlin (no access to profile): https://gumroad.com/l/yNmk ;https://gumroad.com/l/BhyY
James Gurney: https://gumroad.com/gurneyjourney
Kurt Papstein https://gumroad.com/ikameka
Bruce Conners https://gumroad.com/bruceconners
Matt Dixon https://gumroad.com/mattdixon
Charlie Bowater https://gumroad.com/charliebowater
David Lojaya https://gumroad.com/davidlojaya
Nick Hiatt https://gumroad.com/nickhiatt
Emily Hare https://gumroad.com/wavingmonster
Frank Hong https://gumroad.com/frankhong
Will Terrell https://gumroad.com/willterrell

Brushes & Other:
Kyle T Webster: https://gumroad.com/kyletwebster
Maxim Verehin: https://gumroad.com/verehin
Shiyoon: https://gumroad.com/l/shiyoonink
Paolo Limoncelli: https://gumroad.com/uxds
Ben Nadler: https://gumroad.com/bennadler


Exploring multiple passions one at a time. Suggest what you want me to do next!