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5 Crucial Steps to Follow Your Passion

Here is my second article for CareerMeh.com, I hope you enjoy it!

5 Crucial Steps to Follow You Passion

This is something I am really excited about, as it took me quite a long time to discover mine and I am glad that I can transfer this to someone else.

Feel free to share, like, comment as I have poured my heart into this baby!

Creativity Is Elusive

Creativity is an infinite resource. This is what I believe.

People are not.

Yes, we are vastly intelligent, yes, we can do a lot even in one single day of our short lifespan. Yes, we can be creative for most of that time and yet, if you look at a human being as being a vessel for the Muses’ power – we are just a tiny, tiny bowl.

Also, imagine this: every time you are stressed during the day is like a pebble you put in your bowl, sometimes you can feel this happening and you hear the tiny ripples it makes inside. Most of the time you don’t, but the pebble is there – it’s evident once you try to squeeze some creative juices out into a project.

The more stressful your days are, the more pebbles you accumulate along the way and probably the less time you have to clear them out by actually creating. This is my take on a writer’s block and the hardest thing for me to accept is that it is not under my control.

There are relaxation techniques or other ways of hustling through these moods, but sometimes it just flows out of a path that you have not foreseen. I have been trying to write an article for a blog I read for over a month (at least in the little spare time I have), but here I am writing my second post for my own blog this week… and drawing more than 3 paintings… and teaching myself how to code.

And, as far as I have any reliable knowledge about the creative process, I believe that soon after I clear the pebbles from my bowl by other means, the article’s turn will come.

Constantly On The Move Or A Story About Wearing Too Many Hats

I really wanted to write this blog at least on a weekly basis, and although I don’t want to make excuses – I realize once again that life doesn’t always go our way.

My job became a lot more burdensome and stressful and sometimes when I get home I just stare in the blank space and then go to sleep. I really want to say how well everything in my life is going but the truth is far from that.

I have been wearing too many hats, trying to force myself in many different directions, making too many life-changing decisions and taking on too many responsibilities.

As I want to make this blog about my different interests and make it light, I will try to give you a quick update on things that have been going okay.

First, I am still drawing. Also, I found a few awesome groups on Facebook – one that gives daily topics and one that has weekly session with some U-Mazing digital artists. Just watching these blows my brains out. So, here’s a pony I drew:


Second, I managed to save quite a huge amount of my previously owned Eric Van Lustbader books filled with sizzle, because I gave them to a friend of mine who owns a bookstore, and I even managed to finish the one called “Sirens”. Mmmm, yum! Definitely recommend!

Third, my boyfriend and I are going to move in together soon(ish) and we are currently renovating the apartment, so I have been day-dreaming and devouring design magazines in order to find the best style for us both, given our very different tastes.

Fourth, I am still trying to maintain some shape different than sphere, so I have been going to my martial arts training as often as possible and I even went to a swing dance lesson.

Sadly, I haven’t had much time to devote to my favourite game – Guild Wars 2 and probably I missed the grand era finale. Having a full-time job is not the best decision for a mover and shaker like me!

Well, if you just skipped the wall of text, here are a few interesting links you might enjoy:

1. Be reminded that we live in a miraculous world :}

2. Love sprouts in the most uncommon places – a monkey taking care of a kitty will warm your heart, I promise

3. Etam Cru’s magnificent grafitti

4. Romain Laurent’s awesome gifs that make me chuckle

5. I don’t usually read articles like that, but I can mostly agree with this one – 10 types of people to avoid in your life

6. A genius who played around with London underground signs ;}

7. A truly creative way to fulfill people’s wishes ^^


1. Learn Italian gestures with hot males, ah, the pheromones

2. A great new technique that merges hand-drawn illustrations with animation -I present you the Disney short “Paperman” 

Sad, but the feels:

Elderly couple who take a photo each coming season

And a short quiz I enjoyed a lot: What fictional city do you belong to?

Well. hope you had fun! Keep going for your dreams, because the world needs what you have to offer!

Fail summary

I guess I hit flat ground with my last post, but, oh well, it was worth the try.

I am a bit of a (recovering) perfectionist and failure is not something I deal with easily. But as time passes, I feel like there is no such thing and I treat every failure as a stepping stone to knowing better. Also, I don’t forget to congratulate myself for experimenting and being brave.

As I have been thinking about the choices I make recently, this video is a great illustration on how different our paths may turn out to be, I hope mine doesn’t lead me astray .

I don’t have much else to say, so just sit back, relax and enjoy few good pieces I have prepared for you.

1. Surreal self-portraits by Rachel Baran, and if you enjoy it, click Here for more stunning (and haunting) pictures.

2. Don’t date a girl who travels

3. Classic paintings come to life by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro, but beware, it is sort of creepy. I do not advise you to watch it before bed.

4. George Martin rockin’ it out…again!

And a music video which I totally support (tx to my BFF for them videos). Love is for all of us!

Mon Dieu! It’s strange to live in this day and age!

P.S.: If nothing suited your fancy, just see these almost naked ladies in superhero T-shirts and life will be better! Nerd powaH!


A quick fashion travel in time!

Life is a little awkward – things come and go: we change our clothes, our behaviour, our passions. Even sometimes, God forbid,  our thinking!

As I love fashion and seeing change coming through the years, this little time travel will show you how exactly fashion has changed in East London.

Could it be that maybe besides our external we have come a bit closer to living in a world of equality and actual forward thinking?

Come on, see the clip – it’s a great mixture of humour, great dancing and (mostly) beautiful fashion! 0:23 is totally my style!