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Yellow Flicker Beat (Music Pause)

Lorde’s music sounds so powerful that it makes my heart skip a beat. I hope it gives you the same chills.

This song makes me want to go even harder at my passions and follow that flickering light ahead to a mysterious future. Sometimes just putting one foot in front of the other is enough. Sometimes going as hard as you can isn’t enough, but I want to believe that persistence will make everything alright and will make the naysayers quiet as a bramble.

Creativity Is Elusive

Creativity is an infinite resource. This is what I believe.

People are not.

Yes, we are vastly intelligent, yes, we can do a lot even in one single day of our short lifespan. Yes, we can be creative for most of that time and yet, if you look at a human being as being a vessel for the Muses’ power – we are just a tiny, tiny bowl.

Also, imagine this: every time you are stressed during the day is like a pebble you put in your bowl, sometimes you can feel this happening and you hear the tiny ripples it makes inside. Most of the time you don’t, but the pebble is there – it’s evident once you try to squeeze some creative juices out into a project.

The more stressful your days are, the more pebbles you accumulate along the way and probably the less time you have to clear them out by actually creating. This is my take on a writer’s block and the hardest thing for me to accept is that it is not under my control.

There are relaxation techniques or other ways of hustling through these moods, but sometimes it just flows out of a path that you have not foreseen. I have been trying to write an article for a blog I read for over a month (at least in the little spare time I have), but here I am writing my second post for my own blog this week… and drawing more than 3 paintings… and teaching myself how to code.

And, as far as I have any reliable knowledge about the creative process, I believe that soon after I clear the pebbles from my bowl by other means, the article’s turn will come.