About Julia

Heya, cheeky bugger! You have come to the right spot for amusement, especially if you happen to be a geeky health enthusiast who loves books, games, science, thrills and adventure. (A.K.A Sugar, spice and everything nice!)

Since I was little, I have always been a curious soul – one that longs to see, smell, hear and experience everything while constantly searching for a new thrill. Well, kinda, because I spent almost all of my childhood reading books and being a dork. In my teenage years I wasted too much time drinking and sometimes smoking pot (shh!), but whatevs I had a lot of free time which I dedicated to more books, computer games, reading about different topics and arguing a bit too much with other opinionated people. Finally, it was time for me to decide what I was going to study in college and that was definitely not an easy choice to make, given that I am smart enough to get into almost any subject and excited about almost all of them. I spent many years fighting with myself and trying to choose just ONE thing, which only led to me feeling like crap. 

Being a jack of all trades and a master of none, it just feels too damn restricting to do that. So, I intend to document my journey through all of these quests and showing you my progress, while slowly evolving into a master of some trades and still a jack of others.

Few recurring themes will probably be about food & health; sport & adventure; art & creativity; games; books & movies; business and/or marketing; spirituality; martial arts; leisure time activities.  Yeah, it does sound a bit fishy, but trust me – it’s not going to leave a bad taste in your mouth!

You are welcome to get lost in my mad little world and enjoy the ride.


From this blog I want to connect with people who also love life, who like adventures, out of the box thinking and go for their dreams. This is an ambitious list of qualities, so even if you don’t feel secure that you match the description – don’t be afraid to reach out and connect.

Here’s how:

Email: juliachristova_at_yahoo_dot_com

or just stalk me on my Tumblr account:

Tumblr: http://juliachristova.tumblr.com/

Come on, don’t be lazy, it’s easier than tripping on a rock!

Thank you for being here!


Disclaimer: If you see your image here and want it credited or removed, just send me a message.

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