Fail summary

I guess I hit flat ground with my last post, but, oh well, it was worth the try.

I am a bit of a (recovering) perfectionist and failure is not something I deal with easily. But as time passes, I feel like there is no such thing and I treat every failure as a stepping stone to knowing better. Also, I don’t forget to congratulate myself for experimenting and being brave.

As I have been thinking about the choices I make recently, this video is a great illustration on how different our paths may turn out to be, I hope mine doesn’t lead me astray .

I don’t have much else to say, so just sit back, relax and enjoy few good pieces I have prepared for you.

1. Surreal self-portraits by Rachel Baran, and if you enjoy it, click Here for more stunning (and haunting) pictures.

2. Don’t date a girl who travels

3. Classic paintings come to life by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro, but beware, it is sort of creepy. I do not advise you to watch it before bed.

4. George Martin rockin’ it out…again!

And a music video which I totally support (tx to my BFF for them videos). Love is for all of us!

Mon Dieu! It’s strange to live in this day and age!

P.S.: If nothing suited your fancy, just see these almost naked ladies in superhero T-shirts and life will be better! Nerd powaH!


This post is about YOU, …yes, You!

I know it’s hard to trust someone on the Internet, so I’ll be quick and I promise it won’t hurt!

I want this blog to grow and I enjoy seeing (fast) results in what I do. And because I really want to go big, I will highlight you if you play the game.


The rules are simple:

1. Take action – follow my blog, mention me in one of your posts, comment or contact me.

2. Let me know – tell me where you have mentioned me or that you are playing for the game, so that I know you want to be highlighted.

That’s it!

I trust that your attention will be genuine and not only to gain popularity and in exchange I will do my best to provide great content.

I thrive when I feel like I am writing to real and like-minded people, so hop on and tell me what does it take to make you comment?

I bet it’s food. Take some:


Nouveau Parfum

Girls who enjoy natural beauty are always torn apart between being yourself with your natural lines, tones and imperfections or covering them up with the latest fashion tricks & trends.

Yes, when you are revved up it adds a lot to your self-confidence, but aren’t we going too far with it in the recent years?

Where do you lie on that spectrum?

For me, being “pretty” is definitely not a priority and it often falls by the wayside amongst the things that are. But, recently I am starting to think that it is actually important if you are still playing the 9-5 game. Being stylish does seem to affect the way people think of your performance and in order for me to do well, maybe it’s time to revamp my wardrobe and spend some time in the mornings to look better.

The only thing that bothers me is that I can’t imagine getting up even earlier in the mornings…hmmm.

If you are a woman, do you keep track of these things?

And if you are a man, do natural girls/women catch your eye?

Facebook did one thing right

A long essay on Facebook, Marketing, Friendship and the Universe (the answer to which is 42). Ha, bet you can’t figure that one out before you read it.


I work in a marketing company as a social media marketer and I am sick to the brim of dealing with social media. Even before that I only enjoyed dealing with blogs anyway. I think that sharing some time over the Internet to get to know someone, understand that person and enrich your life by an added opinion is way more social than browsing through tons of irrelevant and empty-brained information. Both are forms of entertainment, but quite different ones.

But, Facebook did one thing right – as a company that needs you to be present and active, create communities, groups and share your (not-so-)private life on their site, they finally figured out a way to do it right. They follow you.


If you only like the endless summer pictures of one of your friends, but totally ignore everything else, you are going to see more of that. Whatever content you actually engage with, you receive.

So, while I was thinking of a work-related problem it dawned on me that this is actually a great Universal law. If you think about all inventions – it’s not the best that came to fruition, it’s not the most practical that became the new trend and it is definitely not by the most charming people or campaigns that these things were marketed. 

Judging by these marketing campaigns that would have been banned today, for example: Banned ads.

The most successful inventions were the ones people were actually voting for with their attention, money and/or hard work.

I don’t want to go too deep down the spiritual hole but maybe this is how even our ideas come in our heads. It’s like voting for the world you like to create and the more people have these ideas, the more the Universe acts like a giant Facebook and says “This ad has been approved!”


I guess that this could be a logical, even though quite hypothetical theory on why some sci-fi authors were able to “predict” the future we now live in. Maybe they just planted the seed for an idea that was waiting for the right conditions to pop-up. For example, as a child, I imagined that I would have a robot that is constantly at my disposal and I can use it as a substitute for a friend. I guess that with some imagination, and I don’t suffer any lack in this regard, you could easily call the computer or your last model Blackberry one such friend (especially if you talk to Siri). If I’m correct, there were many lonely children wishing for the same thing.

Please, tell me some of your (maybe-not-so-)crazy thoughts in the comments below, because being alone on this feels a bit, well, lonely!

An unusual relaxation tool

I started drawing a few months ago and it has a proven effect on my nerves. It takes just a few minutes for me to completely invest myself in painting and I easily forget about the outside world.

I also use a program to create intricate fractals which you can check out in my gallery (that I have not updated in a long, long time, even though I have some fresh stuff).

This is my first digital drawing, it’s far from perfect, but I am proud with it.

Kriya final

But, if you don’t feel inclined to draw or just want to try a fun app, go to this sweet website and create some beautiful forms. It is accompanied by relaxing music and it’s really fun, also a great way to spend just a few minutes while waiting for a movie to download or something.


I hope you have as much fun as I did with it.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Winter…where are you?

I live in a country where we usually have harsh winter weather. I don’t enjoy being cold and I favour spring and summer more. We had some cold and rainy days, but it’s certainly not winter-y enough. On Facebook people submit blossomed spring flowers and the possibility that maybe the weather is beyond repair makes me cringe.

I would have sworn that you will never hear me saying this, but I really want winter to come.

I believe that we as human beings also go through seasons. We start new projects, work in different ways, feel another range of emotions with each coming season. Now, I really want to be a part of nature’s cycles and I miss the reflective and introverted vibe that a white sight brings.

Enjoy this awesome winter Olympics campaign that makes me want snow even more. I also have a winter desktop wallpaper and watch snowboard movies. A strong craving this is.

Storytelling art

I am not one of these girls who spend a lot of time in front of the mirror doing my make-up. Hell, sometimes I don’t have time to brush my bed-hair!

But as a teenager it was all about the looks for me – I was lazy, but I could play with my manicure for hours until it was finished and perfect. I was a bit afraid to go to the same lengths with make-up as I am also a bit stingy and I didn’t want to spend too much on make-up that will harm my porcelain skin. The wave of “bio/organic/natural/clean” and so on labels came a lot later than that, but still I could appreciate a beautifully done make-up when I saw it.

I believe that the way one dresses, wears make-up, chooses hairstyle is essential to let any woman (guys2) express something that is hard to be said with words only.

Given that more than 70% of our communication is non-verbal, style and appearance do say a lot.

Here is one unique way you can express yourself, hehe! I came across this make-up artist who uses make-up as an art form.

make-up-art-tal-peleg-1 make-up-art-tal-peleg-2 make-up-art-tal-peleg-3 make-up-art-tal-peleg-9 make-up-art-tal-peleg-10 make-up-art-tal-peleg-11 make-up-art-tal-peleg-4 make-up-art-tal-peleg-5 make-up-art-tal-peleg-6 make-up-art-tal-peleg-7 make-up-art-tal-peleg-8