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Oprisco Photography

One of the magical galleries I stumbled upon while searching for a good photo to draw from is Oleg Oprisco’s analog photography.

I love these dreamy and surreal photos – they take me away to a place I feel truly at home.

>>> 500px gallery <<<

You can also search the 500px site if you haven’t seen it yet.

Bookmarks dump pt. 3 – Final

Blogs, articles and a few thoughts

I used to read (and write) a lot of self-help literature back in the day, here are some of the gems I encountered. I probably wanted to write about these topics myself, but I guess others have done a good enough job out of it, so I won’t waste my time.

  1. What is it that you want to do with your wild and precious life?
  2. Stephen King on writing
  3. Elena Levon – don’t remember why I have this bookmarked, but this lady is amazing – passionate, fiery and ecstatic.
  4. How to get everything you want in life
  5. Everybody deserves a broken heart – a lesson in courage
  6. 1000 awesome things – a project to enjoy life
  7. A great article on how to up your game
  8. Not Salmon – an inspiring and sarcastic self-help blog
  9. It’s not rocket science – a post about achieving your dreams
  10. 7 questions to ask yourself when you need some clarity
  11. 7 reasons why I don’t do free work
  12. Eat & Relish – I only remember this post and the pictures are great
  13. 10 ways to make your wedding fun (I’m not too fond of weddings, but I guess I’ll use this if I ever decide to have one)
  14. 10 wedding vows you won’t hear (what’s up with the wedding theme?)
  15. The origin of some idioms
  16. A non-romantic soulmate, a?

And some thoughts on a few other links I found.

On slowing down : I agree – multitasking is a lie. Take your time, put yourself into your work and great things will sprout.

On crying : I had a few very, very lousy years as a teenager and these were the years I did not cry. 5 long and tearless years. This was the article that unleashed it all for me and made me accept that I am not a logical machine. I am a sensitive human being. I get shy, embarrassed, hurt, scared and I cry on movies. I even cried at the end of Maleficent, because I was overwhelmed by the fact that I am watching it with my partner and listening to Lana Del Rey’s voice. Yes, crying is good for you – it makes you human.

On abundance : Give what you need and you will have it.

On loving everything all at once: Barbara Sher calls people like me “Scanners” – always searching and going to the next cool thing. Her antidote to the shame we feel about not sticking to only one passion is “Do everything and don’t finish any of it”. Best advice in my life.

On becoming a millionaire – sadly the link was broken : The main idea was to imagine that you already have a million bucks and now you have to keep it – how would you dress, act and make decisions? How would you feel differently? It was such a well-written article.

What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.

Count your blessings (3 or 5) before you sleep – this is how you signal your brain that being happy is important.

Try to show your TRUE self in front more people in your life and not just your best friends.

Useful links:

  1. Wunderlist – a productivity tool to manage your tasks
  2. Focus Booster – helping you manage your focus by timing
  3. Squarespace – website templates
  4. Collabfinder – find people to work with for your passion projects

Fashion and art:

  1. Wendy‘s lookbook
  2. Josefine Johnson
  3. How to corset properly
  4. Mensweardog
  5. Stanley Kubrick’s beautiful photos
  6. Enchanted dolls
  7. Cute posters
  8. A print I want
  9. Jen Zee’s art

Random bookmarks:

  1. Dreamy photography
  2. Free parking – sweet video about love and kindness
  3. DrifterRoller – a short clip about clashing the two sports
  4. 12 things my little brother said
  5. 7 websites to check out
  6. Idiotic barbie shots – totally sarcastic
  7. And a Barbie video
  8. A funny list of small life hacks
  9. Bulgarian communist monuments

Bookmarks dump pt.2 – Photography

Bookmarks about photography. Prepare an hour or two to marvel at these images. Most are connected to travel in some way since I love soaking in a new scenery, especially if it’s far away from where I currently live.

I tried to put my favourites on top (and sort them in some kind of groups).

Swimming in a cenote (Mexico)
  1. Stunning series – ink in water
  2. Abu Dhabi – The Grand Mosque
  3. Page Arizona – so relaxing…
  4. Secret canyon
  5. The Emerald Isle
  6. Little owls – I love owls so much
  7. And (retro) cars – I love them almost as much
  8. Cuba – how I long for your simple Spanish charm
  9. Pisac ruins
  10. Yosemite bike ride – so spacey :}
  11. Portugal
  12. Amalfi coast
  13. Going Coastal
  14. The great ocean road
  15. When you travel alone in Iceland
  16. Thai Times
  17. Fortress Busan
  18. Buenos Aires
  19. Top 10 things to see in Zambia
  20. Peaceful state of mind
  21. Super moon
  22. Heda
  23. 3 days of wow
  24. Why I run
  25. Looking up
  26. Path of least resistance
  27. Planning a rim to rim hike
  28. Half dome conquered
  29. Moroccan Bazaar
  30. Colour me deco
  31. Paraglading Oludeniz – soon my boyfriend and I are going paragliding as well, yay!!!
  32. Crystal Mountain
  33. Ha Ling peak
  34. Sapa mountain ride
  35. Cows and country
  36. Dog and Owyhee river
  37. Norfolk tulip fields
  38. Dutch flower fields
  39. And it was all yellow
  40. For the love of flora
  41. Of petals and pollens
  42. …And more flowers
  43. Cherry festival
  44. Cherry festival in Taiwan
  45. Spring is here!
  46. Woah, more flowers, why?


  1. Toffee art installation – how cool is that?
  2. Shadow balls
  3. Shining statue


  1. Marie Claire – Italia October 2009 (not work & children safe)
  2. Let there be light
  3. Ghost riders
  4. Doll session – Karen Elson by Nick Knight for Vogue UK October 2008
  5. Freaky lil’ mama – Vogue Korea 2009
  6. Yelena Yemchuk – Vogue Nippon / Jan 2008 She Loves the Wet and Wild Model: Natasha Vojnovic Fashion Editor: Anastasia Barbieri
  7. High … fashion?



Crazy Bookmarks?

Today I decided I will do a major computer cleanse. I sorted out the huge folder of pictures into folders and archives, cleaned a huge pile of random files and now I came to the bookmarks.

I don’t know if anyone else does that, but I constantly bookmark and download things that I, sadly,  never return to.

I don’t understand why I keep thinking that I will have more time “someday” to actually sit and enjoy the gem I found if I can’t do it now. Or that I will have the energy and creative resources to use this information in some way.

So, what am I supposed to do with a huge list of links I may never even need or have the time to read?

Worst of all when I know there is an upcoming Windows update doom upon my shoulders…

Just dump them on you in hopes that they will turn out entertaining to someone.

  1. Endless roads – a beautiful film about girls longboarding
  2. Setouchi photography
  3. Street Art Utopia, including one image from my hometown – 
  4. A blog-project to do one kind thing everyday – I bookmarked because I thought that maybe I will do something like that as well, but I guess not – Allspunout365
  5. An interesting article about how our hearts actually influence the world around us and are key to a happy and healthy life. The site offers other good articles as well – The Coherent Heart. I used to read it a long time ago, so no guarantees.
  6. Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk on genius.
  7. Shawn Achor TED talk – the happy secret to better work
  8. J. K. Rowling‘s commencement speech.
  9. A classic library. Online. Free. Just go.
  10. And another one. More specifically I was trying to read Anna Karenina. Never got to that part, at least I watched the last movie.
  11.  More classics.
  12. A girl’s look on keeping the perfect wardrobe and giving the answer on “I don’t have anything to wear” issue.
  13. Audrey Kawasaki‘s art. Dreamy, elegant, sexual.
  14. Funny and short life lessons from reading 200 books.
  15. Why life should be more like baseball?
  16. Old trains photography