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Yellow Flicker Beat (Music Pause)

Lorde’s music sounds so powerful that it makes my heart skip a beat. I hope it gives you the same chills.

This song makes me want to go even harder at my passions and follow that flickering light ahead to a mysterious future. Sometimes just putting one foot in front of the other is enough. Sometimes going as hard as you can isn’t enough, but I want to believe that persistence will make everything alright and will make the naysayers quiet as a bramble.


Nest HQ

This is going to be a really specific post, really…

I recently found this site called Nest HQ – it’s a site about different (and a bit underground) music which I thought is just a great hub spot for awesomeness.

They have short articles explaining about a label, artist or an album and I thought it was very engaging to read something short while listening to a new favourite song.

Hope you find something that suits your taste, too!

Thousand kisses!

Music pause: Nina Simone – Feeling Good

I have been in a philosophical mood lately, so maybe soon when I have the time, I will let you know what has been spinning in the empty space between my ears.

Until then I just want to immerse you in the mood with this remarkable piece that makes it all a bit more bearable:

I may even do this a repeating type of post as in my universe a song says so much more than my incoherent ramblings.


A quick fashion travel in time!

Life is a little awkward – things come and go: we change our clothes, our behaviour, our passions. Even sometimes, God forbid,  our thinking!

As I love fashion and seeing change coming through the years, this little time travel will show you how exactly fashion has changed in East London.

Could it be that maybe besides our external we have come a bit closer to living in a world of equality and actual forward thinking?

Come on, see the clip – it’s a great mixture of humour, great dancing and (mostly) beautiful fashion! 0:23 is totally my style!