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Bookmarks dump pt.2 – Photography

Bookmarks about photography. Prepare an hour or two to marvel at these images. Most are connected to travel in some way since I love soaking in a new scenery, especially if it’s far away from where I currently live.

I tried to put my favourites on top (and sort them in some kind of groups).

Swimming in a cenote (Mexico)
  1. Stunning series – ink in water
  2. Abu Dhabi – The Grand Mosque
  3. Page Arizona – so relaxing…
  4. Secret canyon
  5. The Emerald Isle
  6. Little owls – I love owls so much
  7. And (retro) cars – I love them almost as much
  8. Cuba – how I long for your simple Spanish charm
  9. Pisac ruins
  10. Yosemite bike ride – so spacey :}
  11. Portugal
  12. Amalfi coast
  13. Going Coastal
  14. The great ocean road
  15. When you travel alone in Iceland
  16. Thai Times
  17. Fortress Busan
  18. Buenos Aires
  19. Top 10 things to see in Zambia
  20. Peaceful state of mind
  21. Super moon
  22. Heda
  23. 3 days of wow
  24. Why I run
  25. Looking up
  26. Path of least resistance
  27. Planning a rim to rim hike
  28. Half dome conquered
  29. Moroccan Bazaar
  30. Colour me deco
  31. Paraglading Oludeniz – soon my boyfriend and I are going paragliding as well, yay!!!
  32. Crystal Mountain
  33. Ha Ling peak
  34. Sapa mountain ride
  35. Cows and country
  36. Dog and Owyhee river
  37. Norfolk tulip fields
  38. Dutch flower fields
  39. And it was all yellow
  40. For the love of flora
  41. Of petals and pollens
  42. …And more flowers
  43. Cherry festival
  44. Cherry festival in Taiwan
  45. Spring is here!
  46. Woah, more flowers, why?


  1. Toffee art installation – how cool is that?
  2. Shadow balls
  3. Shining statue


  1. Marie Claire – Italia October 2009 (not work & children safe)
  2. Let there be light
  3. Ghost riders
  4. Doll session – Karen Elson by Nick Knight for Vogue UK October 2008
  5. Freaky lil’ mama – Vogue Korea 2009
  6. Yelena Yemchuk – Vogue Nippon / Jan 2008 She Loves the Wet and Wild Model: Natasha Vojnovic Fashion Editor: Anastasia Barbieri
  7. High … fashion?



A quick fashion travel in time!

Life is a little awkward – things come and go: we change our clothes, our behaviour, our passions. Even sometimes, God forbid,  our thinking!

As I love fashion and seeing change coming through the years, this little time travel will show you how exactly fashion has changed in East London.

Could it be that maybe besides our external we have come a bit closer to living in a world of equality and actual forward thinking?

Come on, see the clip – it’s a great mixture of humour, great dancing and (mostly) beautiful fashion! 0:23 is totally my style!