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Winter…where are you?

I live in a country where we usually have harsh winter weather. I don’t enjoy being cold and I favour spring and summer more. We had some cold and rainy days, but it’s certainly not winter-y enough. On Facebook people submit blossomed spring flowers and the possibility that maybe the weather is beyond repair makes me cringe.

I would have sworn that you will never hear me saying this, but I really want winter to come.

I believe that we as human beings also go through seasons. We start new projects, work in different ways, feel another range of emotions with each coming season. Now, I really want to be a part of nature’s cycles and I miss the reflective and introverted vibe that a white sight brings.

Enjoy this awesome winter Olympics campaign that makes me want snow even more. I also have a winter desktop wallpaper and watch snowboard movies. A strong craving this is.