Gumroad Profiles

Okay, as you know I have my own humble >> Gumroad profile <<

As far as I have understood the site it serves as a store-front for creators, so there are no browsing functions.

This is why I made my own list of artist profiles that provide art tutorials. I am sharing it here in case anyone finds something useful for themselves and so that I can have a safe archive for future reference.

Yes, I am serious about the art things, as you can see…


Jonas De Ro:
Darek Zabrocki:
Anthony Jones:
Dan Luvisi:
Maciej Kuciara:
Eytan Zana:
Espen Olsen Sætervik:
Alex Negrea:
Ben Mauro:
David Levy:
James Zapata:
Alex Ruiz:
Jan Urschel:
Dominic Qwek:
Joe Peterson:
Kirili Chepizhko:
Neil Blevins:
Kalen Chock:
John Park:
Ryan Hawkins:
James Paick:
Victor Mosquera:
Bryan Wynia:
Nick Gindraux:
David Lesperance:
Jason Scheier:
Eric Ryan:
Maxim Verehin:
John Sweeney:
Richard Lyons:
Chino-Rino Visual Lab (Eduardo Pena):
Rafael Grassetti:
Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying:
Dave Rapoza:
Mark Molnar:
Michal Kus:
Jama Jurabaev:
Oleg Vdovenko:
Tyler Edlin (no access to profile): ;
James Gurney:
Kurt Papstein
Bruce Conners
Matt Dixon
Charlie Bowater
David Lojaya
Nick Hiatt
Emily Hare
Frank Hong
Will Terrell

Brushes & Other:
Kyle T Webster:
Maxim Verehin:
Paolo Limoncelli:
Ben Nadler:

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