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Future ideas

There are a few directions I want this blog to go in, mainly in order for me to keep it updated more often. I try to put things that really strike a chord in me – music, art, photography or a provoking thought.

First, let me brag a little with some links:

1. My >> Twitch << account where you can see me play (stream) video games live

2. My >> YouTube << channel where I upload already recorded videos from the Twitch account

3. My >> Tumblr << that I currently kinda use as a portfolio

I want to keep track of the things I consume.


I want to post music I listen to more often – of course I have my playlists and YouTube favourites, but there are songs that just speak to me on the day I listen to them and I don’t need to turn back to them or quite the opposite – I listen to a song that doesn’t matter much, but it keeps haunting me in my mind months later or I start hearing it everywhere I go.

I want to keep track of the movies I watch and give my two cents about them. I am a movie maniac, so I probably won’t write about every single movie that I see, but there are some that deserve more attention than they get.

Books. I was an avid reader almost my whole life up to a point when I decided that this is a waste of time, this doesn’t contribute to my growth anymore and only keeps me in a dreamworld. But, I have been craving to return to this magical land once again, because I believe that as an artist I need to constantly absorb new information in order to push myself forward in my niche. Also, I always wanted to be that person who has read most of the classics, so I am going to start with BBC Top 100 eBooks package that I own.

The other thing that I am still unsure whether to share or not is my adventure in my relationship and sexuality, because I love reading other people’s experiences about open relationships, D/s (dominance/submission) play, bisexuality and other things that are on my mind lately. Maybe I can make someone else’s world a little brighter with writing about this, too.

Tell me what you think, if anyone reads this at all :]




First Step In The Madness Realm!



My name is Julia.

This is my creative outlet in order to remain sane. I have always been a curious soul – one that longs to see, smell, hear and experience everything. I could never choose just one vocation, one life, one way of thinking because I am constantly searching for a new perspective and a new thrill.

I blog/share because I hope that this will serve at least one person in some way whether to inspire, dream, amuse, entertain or inform. Sometimes people need just a little touch on the forehead for someone they like to nudge them on the path they were longing to take. Some blogs have done that for me and I hope that I can pay this forward.

I am going to lead you through all of my interests – one at a time. Sometimes I will remain focused on something that caught my attention for a day and sometimes I would become obsessed for weeks.

Few recurring themes will probably be food & health; sport & adventure; art & creativity; games; books & movies; business and/or marketing; spirituality; martial arts; leisure time activities.

I will try to make it as easy as possible for you to discover the theme that you are interested in, but I still hope you will get lost in my mad little world and enjoy the ride.

From this blog I want to connect with people who are also excited about life, who like adventures, who like to think out of the box and go for their dreams. This is an ambitious list of qualities, so even if you don’t match all or don’t feel secure that you match the description – don’t be afraid to reach out and connect.

If this blog turns out to be successful and someone reads it at all, I imagine that by the end of the year I would have found a way to engage with these readers, I want to read people’s comments, I want to make new friends, I want to know that there are people excited by (some of) the things I am. Also, it would be great if I manage to update this blog at least once a week, if not more.

Thank you for being here!