I found this wonderful platform where you can purchase (and sell) things really quickly called

>>>Gumroad<<< (the link will take you to my profile!)

Unless I am retarded, I haven’t found an easy way to browse through all the galleries/profiles there, so I just chose to show you my page.

Gumroad provides the magical option of Pay What You Want business model, which is something I wholeheartedly support in general and feel really comfortable doing at the moment.

Pay What You Want lets the customer decide what is the value s/he gets and to pay you for it and I think this provides a safe space where you can try the product out and see if you are happy with it or not. If you decide that it pleases you, Gumroad provides you with the option to come back to the purchase at anytime and pay (more).


Or, if you choose to sell it for a certain price you can just add + in the end and let people give you this or a bigger amount.

As a whole the site seems smooth, with good support and a team that is really trying to make this whole project go big. I wish them luck!

As for me – if you have been reading this blog recently, you may know that I decided to pursue a career (in the distant future) in arts. But as of yet, I am not confident in my skills, so having some kind of exposure and still having the possibility to get paid for a drawing, sounds awesome.

My first product there: >>> A magical forest <<<

P.S.: Isn’t the name Gumroad just so rad!?


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