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Fail summary

I guess I hit flat ground with my last post, but, oh well, it was worth the try.

I am a bit of a (recovering) perfectionist and failure is not something I deal with easily. But as time passes, I feel like there is no such thing and I treat every failure as a stepping stone to knowing better. Also, I don’t forget to congratulate myself for experimenting and being brave.

As I have been thinking about the choices I make recently, this video is a great illustration on how different our paths may turn out to be, I hope mine doesn’t lead me astray .

I don’t have much else to say, so just sit back, relax and enjoy few good pieces I have prepared for you.

1. Surreal self-portraits by Rachel Baran, and if you enjoy it, click Here for more stunning (and haunting) pictures.

2. Don’t date a girl who travels

3. Classic paintings come to life by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro, but beware, it is sort of creepy. I do not advise you to watch it before bed.

4. George Martin rockin’ it out…again!

And a music video which I totally support (tx to my BFF for them videos). Love is for all of us!

Mon Dieu! It’s strange to live in this day and age!

P.S.: If nothing suited your fancy, just see these almost naked ladies in superhero T-shirts and life will be better! Nerd powaH!



A dish of sex, a pinch of sweat, a drop of intrigue…

…and a spoon of violence.

When I was little my parents divorced, so for some reason my father left all of his books with us. As I was always a dreamy and kind of gentle kid deep in my heart I loved reading ordinary girly books and classics. I would always think that my father’s books were too violent and repulsive – full of blood, murder, dirty money and mafia stories. However, one day I decided to give them a chance since they would just lay around – I was determined that either I was going to like them and use them or get rid of them, so that I can use the space accordingly for my own book collections.

I grabbed the first one that caught my attention, being a fan of Japanese culture the title was simply “The Ninja” by Eric Van Lustbader.


I read the first page and (without a causal relation) went to the bathroom. Well, what can I say? This was my last break away from the book until I finished it in one sitting. The author’s magnificent way of expressing and pulling you into the atmosphere is astonishing. I am no good with book reviews but as far as my abilities go to describe this book I can only say that at one point I remember that I even could smell what was being described – it is so permeating that it takes your breath away. Even if you are not so easily enticed (as I rarely read fiction anymore) you are going to be on one hell of a ride which I highly recommend.

Now, I am reading another of his great books called Sirens. I bought it really cheap at the seaside for about 4$ or so from a box with old and tattered books and I don’t know why but I have been reading it on and off, maybe because I can’t bear the awesomeness. As I have read the other translated in my native language, I was even more amazed to find how great his books were in English. I was searching for his collections in libraries and bookstores but they gave a price I couldn’t afford at the time. But now, all of a sudden, I am determined to collect and read all of them. So, if you ever encounter one of his books (especially earlier ones, because I haven’t read newer ones), just buy them or if you love me that much give it to me and you will make me a happy person.

I have always hated the type of childish questions like “What is your favourite song/band/book/actor?”, because I could never choose just one. But this…. This could definitely roll out into an obsession.

Are you a Geek or a Nerd?

nerd or geekCheck this awesome post to see what exactly is the difference between these two.

Geek or Nerd?

I would say I am more of a nerd as I tend to think a lot about some topics, I do research and need to know a lot of things about a certain topic before I make my mind about it.

When I am interested about a subject, I tend to dive in and want to know more, experiment, practice, play with it until I feel satisfied. But for some topics I am just a geek and I just fan around about them.

What is your verdict?