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Nouveau Parfum

Girls who enjoy natural beauty are always torn apart between being yourself with your natural lines, tones and imperfections or covering them up with the latest fashion tricks & trends.

Yes, when you are revved up it adds a lot to your self-confidence, but aren’t we going too far with it in the recent years?

Where do you lie on that spectrum?

For me, being “pretty” is definitely not a priority and it often falls by the wayside amongst the things that are. But, recently I am starting to think that it is actually important if you are still playing the 9-5 game. Being stylish does seem to affect the way people think of your performance and in order for me to do well, maybe it’s time to revamp my wardrobe and spend some time in the mornings to look better.

The only thing that bothers me is that I can’t imagine getting up even earlier in the mornings…hmmm.

If you are a woman, do you keep track of these things?

And if you are a man, do natural girls/women catch your eye?


Storytelling art

I am not one of these girls who spend a lot of time in front of the mirror doing my make-up. Hell, sometimes I don’t have time to brush my bed-hair!

But as a teenager it was all about the looks for me – I was lazy, but I could play with my manicure for hours until it was finished and perfect. I was a bit afraid to go to the same lengths with make-up as I am also a bit stingy and I didn’t want to spend too much on make-up that will harm my porcelain skin. The wave of “bio/organic/natural/clean” and so on labels came a lot later than that, but still I could appreciate a beautifully done make-up when I saw it.

I believe that the way one dresses, wears make-up, chooses hairstyle is essential to let any woman (guys2) express something that is hard to be said with words only.

Given that more than 70% of our communication is non-verbal, style and appearance do say a lot.

Here is one unique way you can express yourself, hehe! I came across this make-up artist who uses make-up as an art form.

make-up-art-tal-peleg-1 make-up-art-tal-peleg-2 make-up-art-tal-peleg-3 make-up-art-tal-peleg-9 make-up-art-tal-peleg-10 make-up-art-tal-peleg-11 make-up-art-tal-peleg-4 make-up-art-tal-peleg-5 make-up-art-tal-peleg-6 make-up-art-tal-peleg-7 make-up-art-tal-peleg-8