What You Absolutely Need to Know About “Finding Your Passion”

Here is an article (part 1) that I wrote for CareerMeh.com that I am really proud of. It’s a new website that gives career advice from Millennials for Millennials.

What you absolutely need to know about “Finding your passion”

I would appreciate it if you like, share and comment on it as I spent a great deal of time condensing all I know in just a few paragraphs.


2 thoughts on “What You Absolutely Need to Know About “Finding Your Passion””

  1. Great post! I think a lot of Millennials were raised to believe that we should be doing “great things” with our lives–saving the world, curing cancer, becoming the next great American novelist. This belief causes a lot of angst when we start to realize we’re not fulfilling this unachievable destiny we’ve set out for ourselves. I suppose my advice is to find something that you can enjoy doing for 40 hours a week and be happy with the little things in life…your friends, good food, some great books…whatever!

    1. Yes, I do agree! Thank you for this wonderful comment! :} Also, I believe that we have nothing to prove – it is enough that we exist and there is no need to fight the constant battle for approval from people who obviously don’t dream like us and like the current status-quo.

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