Constantly On The Move Or A Story About Wearing Too Many Hats

I really wanted to write this blog at least on a weekly basis, and although I don’t want to make excuses – I realize once again that life doesn’t always go our way.

My job became a lot more burdensome and stressful and sometimes when I get home I just stare in the blank space and then go to sleep. I really want to say how well everything in my life is going but the truth is far from that.

I have been wearing too many hats, trying to force myself in many different directions, making too many life-changing decisions and taking on too many responsibilities.

As I want to make this blog about my different interests and make it light, I will try to give you a quick update on things that have been going okay.

First, I am still drawing. Also, I found a few awesome groups on Facebook – one that gives daily topics and one that has weekly session with some U-Mazing digital artists. Just watching these blows my brains out. So, here’s a pony I drew:


Second, I managed to save quite a huge amount of my previously owned Eric Van Lustbader books filled with sizzle, because I gave them to a friend of mine who owns a bookstore, and I even managed to finish the one called “Sirens”. Mmmm, yum! Definitely recommend!

Third, my boyfriend and I are going to move in together soon(ish) and we are currently renovating the apartment, so I have been day-dreaming and devouring design magazines in order to find the best style for us both, given our very different tastes.

Fourth, I am still trying to maintain some shape different than sphere, so I have been going to my martial arts training as often as possible and I even went to a swing dance lesson.

Sadly, I haven’t had much time to devote to my favourite game – Guild Wars 2 and probably I missed the grand era finale. Having a full-time job is not the best decision for a mover and shaker like me!

Well, if you just skipped the wall of text, here are a few interesting links you might enjoy:

1. Be reminded that we live in a miraculous world :}

2. Love sprouts in the most uncommon places – a monkey taking care of a kitty will warm your heart, I promise

3. Etam Cru’s magnificent grafitti

4. Romain Laurent’s awesome gifs that make me chuckle

5. I don’t usually read articles like that, but I can mostly agree with this one – 10 types of people to avoid in your life

6. A genius who played around with London underground signs ;}

7. A truly creative way to fulfill people’s wishes ^^


1. Learn Italian gestures with hot males, ah, the pheromones

2. A great new technique that merges hand-drawn illustrations with animation -I present you the Disney short “Paperman” 

Sad, but the feels:

Elderly couple who take a photo each coming season

And a short quiz I enjoyed a lot: What fictional city do you belong to?

Well. hope you had fun! Keep going for your dreams, because the world needs what you have to offer!


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