Sex is awesome!

Sticky, sweaty, sultry, summerly and snaky… sex is shaky. Sex makes the world go round. Sex makes you feel alive. Sex could be a strong driving force. Sex sells. Sex motivates.

Sex is natural, powerful, so so human, but immensely divine.

Sex is supposed to be the best way to express yourself. What you stand for, what drives you crazy and who you love. There is nothing more intimate than stating that you are attracted to someone. This is the easiest thing to desire when someone has captured your heart. You want to shout it out from every rooftop and send fireworks in the sky that write your lover’s name.


I am totally a physical being and I need constant physical contact to understand that I am valued, heard and respected. For me, touch is the only sensible way to give love. It is who I am and is a natural continuation of my body.

Yet, for some many people, this is impossible. Because they are gay.

I can’t even imagine the pain that a person who is robbed of such a natural right to show who they truly are might feel like. And I am disgusted that there are people who would beat up, abuse, try to “straighten” out and make gay “normal”.

Love is for all. Let’s bring this change in our generation, let’s teach our children that every person deserves the simple right to love and be loved in return.

Some interesting links:

How would you feel if you were straight in a gay world?

Stunning photography of gay couples

And if I were persuasive enough would you sign this petition to support gay people in Uganda who are fighting for basic human freedom?



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