Because I’m happy…

(by Alizee103)

Today is kind of a sucky day for me – it was not the best day at work and let’s not start with the fact that I feel so exhausted lately that I am kind of getting used to it.

But, I decided that I will keep up my spirits high and I will try to make the day “mine” – I trained a bit, send my guest blog post ideas here and there, ate some fresh fruits and now I’m happy!

Just because I think that there are more important things than going to work and spending my free time dreading to go back.

Yeah, I am such a grown-up…


I don’t even know how people live their whole lives like that and I feel I am living/using my white spoiled privilege on a whole new level – to be able to do whatever I like and snarl at my boss, because I don’t care if I lose this job or not. I realize that so few people could have the same freedom.

So, if you have/had a sucky day as well, please feel free to boost your mood with these:

  1. 7 Lightnings
  2. Illustrator + train trip = Fun
  3. Beautiful art is permanent, even when it is swept by the wind!
  4. News about The Internet in 1981, that shit cray

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