This post is about YOU, …yes, You!

I know it’s hard to trust someone on the Internet, so I’ll be quick and I promise it won’t hurt!

I want this blog to grow and I enjoy seeing (fast) results in what I do. And because I really want to go big, I will highlight you if you play the game.


The rules are simple:

1. Take action – follow my blog, mention me in one of your posts, comment or contact me.

2. Let me know – tell me where you have mentioned me or that you are playing for the game, so that I know you want to be highlighted.

That’s it!

I trust that your attention will be genuine and not only to gain popularity and in exchange I will do my best to provide great content.

I thrive when I feel like I am writing to real and like-minded people, so hop on and tell me what does it take to make you comment?

I bet it’s food. Take some:



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