Facebook did one thing right

A long essay on Facebook, Marketing, Friendship and the Universe (the answer to which is 42). Ha, bet you can’t figure that one out before you read it.


I work in a marketing company as a social media marketer and I am sick to the brim of dealing with social media. Even before that I only enjoyed dealing with blogs anyway. I think that sharing some time over the Internet to get to know someone, understand that person and enrich your life by an added opinion is way more social than browsing through tons of irrelevant and empty-brained information. Both are forms of entertainment, but quite different ones.

But, Facebook did one thing right – as a company that needs you to be present and active, create communities, groups and share your (not-so-)private life on their site, they finally figured out a way to do it right. They follow you.


If you only like the endless summer pictures of one of your friends, but totally ignore everything else, you are going to see more of that. Whatever content you actually engage with, you receive.

So, while I was thinking of a work-related problem it dawned on me that this is actually a great Universal law. If you think about all inventions – it’s not the best that came to fruition, it’s not the most practical that became the new trend and it is definitely not by the most charming people or campaigns that these things were marketed. 

Judging by these marketing campaigns that would have been banned today, for example: Banned ads.

The most successful inventions were the ones people were actually voting for with their attention, money and/or hard work.

I don’t want to go too deep down the spiritual hole but maybe this is how even our ideas come in our heads. It’s like voting for the world you like to create and the more people have these ideas, the more the Universe acts like a giant Facebook and says “This ad has been approved!”


I guess that this could be a logical, even though quite hypothetical theory on why some sci-fi authors were able to “predict” the future we now live in. Maybe they just planted the seed for an idea that was waiting for the right conditions to pop-up. For example, as a child, I imagined that I would have a robot that is constantly at my disposal and I can use it as a substitute for a friend. I guess that with some imagination, and I don’t suffer any lack in this regard, you could easily call the computer or your last model Blackberry one such friend (especially if you talk to Siri). If I’m correct, there were many lonely children wishing for the same thing.

Please, tell me some of your (maybe-not-so-)crazy thoughts in the comments below, because being alone on this feels a bit, well, lonely!


2 thoughts on “Facebook did one thing right”

    1. Congratulations on being the first person to leave a comment – it is deeply appreciated and the few posts I managed to read from your blog were great!

      Yes, I am wondering what are the answers in our galaxy :}

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